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We provide all the equipment you need for your event. We are a full-service event production. From stages rental to sound and lighting systems, including LED screens for an incredible visual experience.
We have everything you need. Contact us to make your event unforgettable!
Stages for all occasions.
We have stages of different sizes that adapt to your needs. From a small mobile stage for a private event to a large stage for a music festival. We have a wide choice of stages, mobile or traditional.
Mobile stages combine the advantages of installation time and attractive prices.
Traditional stages have the advantages of adapting to all locations (lake, mountain, pit, etc.) and can be imagined in all sizes.
Whether for a permanent or temporary installation, our team of experts is here to advise you with options adapted to your needs.
RYSER GROUPE SA enhances each room, each building or each outdoor space with its lighting system beautifully designed.
Afin de rendre vos évènement dynamiques et modernes, nous vous proposons différents modèles d’écrans en location ou à la vente. Nous réalisons la pose d’écrans sur mesures.
Our network is extensive and we put our knowledge at your service: conferences, seminars, weddings, corporate events, technical infrastructure, VIP platform.
We find a solution to all your projects.
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